Cherokee Stereotypes that are not true about hair

Cherokee Stereotypes that are not true about hair
Posted by Insane Dwayne on June 30, 2004 at 12:27:35

My people the Cherokees are Non-Plains indians, which means we can and have different traits. For a very popular belief is all Cherokees have Black hair. WRONG!! For instence my natural color hair is a light brown texture, and other Cherokees can have the blondest of hair. Another one is most Cherokees have long hair, or did back then. Alot of Cherokees do have long hair, but is not the actual Traditional hair-style. Alot of warriors would wear mohawks, and other distinct styles. The reason I wanna tell you guys this, is because like I say all the time. False Media leads to stereotypes. Hollywood movies show us slapping our lips like idiots and all have black long hair, and look very much alike. It is called chanting and singing. We don't slap our lips lol. I hate Hollywood. Their are other non-plains tribes too. We can have very light skin/hair all the way up to dark skin-hair.

Thanks guys for reading, just wanna break some retarded stereotypes :)

Your friend,

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