Advanced Revelation

Advanced Revelation is a Database Management System created by Revelation Technologies, Inc.They now have a web page at They alsohave a forum on Compuserve. GO REVELATION to get to the Revelation Tech+forum.


Advanced Revelation is a very powerful Database Management System that is atthe same time very flexible. It is this flexibility along with its tool setand R/BASIC language that make it a great package.Advanced Revelation uses a proprietary filingsystem called Linear Hash. In addition, it can interface with other filingsystems. RTI has ceased new development in Advanced Revelation. Instead,they are focusing their efforts on their Windows product, Open Insight.Since RTI is discontinuing development of the Advanced Revelation product, Idecided to set up a page on the internet that users can use as an informationrepository. The page is in its infancy right now, and I am looking for ideasfor what to put on the page. If you have any ideas/suggestions, please letme know by sending me a note at


LIMIT utility:This is a utility that creates a saved-list usingselection criteria on multi-valued field(s). The motivation for creating this utility was to create a select list without all the wasted records created by a standard SELECT statement/ LIST ... LIMIT combination. The current version is currently just a sketch but is sufficiently robust to provide you with valuable functionality. I would appreciate feedback on this utility.

FILE_MAP utility is available fordownload

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