Spoof Lufkan Calendar

I couldn't resist spoofing the Lufkan Calendar.

The rules of the spoof calendar are exactly the same as the Lufkan Calendar as of 24 March 2004, except that the Zamsa of the Kirsa are made up as follows:

   NAME                   ZARSA
Zamsa Maba    Apova Jagpa Apova Kamva Jagpa 
Zamsa Taba    Apova Bonva Jagpa Apova Bonva
Zamsa Paba    Jagpa Apova Jagpa Umava Apova
Zamsa Laba    Jagpa Genva Apova Jagpa Genva
Zamsa Mazaba  Apova Jagpa Apova Apova Jagpa   

Zamsa Mamaba  Apova Kamva Jagpa Apova Kamva
Zamsa Mataba  Jagpa Apova Bonva Jagpa Apova 
Zamsa Mapaba  Jagpa Umava Apova Jagpa Umava 
Zamsa Malaba  Apova Jagpa Genva Apova Jagpa 
Zamsa Tazaba  Apova Apova Jagpa Apova 
The spoof kirsa has 245 months of 7235 days, which is about 10 weeks short of 20 years. This is the exactly same number of months and days as the real Kirsa and also repeats indefinately. The current kirsa began on 3 December 1994, the same date on which yerm calendar month 51(09 began. This is 709 days before 01(01.

Karl Palmen 24 March 2004