Changing Color Depth on Your Computer

To change the color depth on your Windows 95 computer, right-click somewhere on your desktop and select Properties. Then select the Settings tab. You should be able to adjust your color depth there. If you don't have any selections besides your current setting, you may have hit a limitation of available video RAM. In this case, decreasing your desktop area should provide more available colors.

To calculate how much video RAM you need, multiply the width times height of your desktop area (in pixels). Take that product and multiply by the bit depth (8 for 256 colors, 16 for high color, 24 for true color). Now divide by 8. This is the total number of bytes of video RAM you need. Divide by 1024 to get the number in kilobytes.

You may download a handy utility to swap from one resolution to the other. This utility also will allow you to adjust your refresh rate. This tool is graciously provided by EnTech Taiwan. There are also related tools available from their website at
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