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This is where your image contributions will be showcased. This is YOUR area. I do not spend much time acquiring images, so the success of this page depends upon you. If you have any images illustrating long hair on men and wish to submit them for inclusion in this gallery, please e-mail the pictures to me at Alternatively, if you have pictures, but you cannot scan them, you may send them to me at:
Victor Engel
P.O. Box 9222
Austin, TX 78766-9222
For now I hope to update this page once a month. Many of the pictures this time were gathered from sites linked from the message board. If you did not take the time to follow the links, you can simply look here. If I've linked to your personal site and you would like me to remove your picture, please let me know.

This time I have sorted the pictures by aspect ratio. I hope this gives a more pleasing and less random look.

Did you miss a previous gallery? Follow these links to catch up on what you missed.
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In order to create better descriptions to previous gallery pages, I will begin categorizing pictures. Maybe this will also help encourage you in submissions. To test this out, I am naming a theme for next month: popular sports. I am not a sports person myself. However, I know some of you are. If you know of any athletes in popular sports who have long hair, please try to find pictures of them and let me know. When I have enough pictures, I will post them. I remember seeing a page some time back about a team, I think it was a baseball team where most, if not all, the team members had long hair. The text on the page sort of indicated this was a factor in their success. I've looked for this page again but have been unable to find it. To assist you in your search, I've included links to my favorite search engines. If you have a search engine not listed here, let me know and I may include a link on the next gallery page.
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