This Month's Samson

This page will feature one man a month. I envision several pictures and possibly an interview. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

This month's Samson is Jimmy, a house painter. Jimmy is 42 and keeps his hair under a hat all day, so nobody would normally suspect he has such long hair. Jimmy has had long hair for nearly his whole life. He cut it once in his teens, and it has been growing ever since.

On the job Jimmy takes his hair and folds it up under his painter's hat. Somehow it stays there. He has been in the house painting business for about 20 years along with capentry work, repair work and motorcycle mechanics. He raced dirt bikes professionally for many years and has some nice trophies. Jimmy is also a musician, plays R&B and rock and has had several bands.

For hair care, Jimmy uses Citre Shine shampoo, with a good conditioner, such as Fuller Thicker Hair (I wonder if this is related to Fuller Brushes). He was turned on to this by his companion Shianne, and it is all he has used since they met. It does wonders to soften his hair. Jimmy blow dries his hair after every washing. To keep from damaging the hair, he blows the hair along the shaft from the top to the end to keep any tangles from forming. He has no split ends. He does not like his hair braided, so he rarely wears it that way. He almost always wears it in a pony tail, which is another secret to its good condition.

When asked if he planned to grow his hair longer, Shianne replied that she would like him to grow it to his knees. He prefers keeping it hip-length. He's not interested in growing a beard or a long moustache.

I asked Shianne what others' reactions were to Jimmy's hair. Here was her reply: "Wow, depends....women go out of their way, create 'reasons' to come up and talk to him, and inadvertantly have to reach out and touch sometimes. He is shy and doesn't get a big head over it. I know he is flattered beyond words! He knows he is attractive, but he handles it is such a way, he seems 'refined'. Men kid him about his hair, some I know are envious, some just joke about it. He rarely has problem with gay men though."

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