Vector Angle


The winner of any contest, conflict or struggle
A person that has defeated an adversary
The code word for the letter "V"


German for angel


To direct by means of directions transmitted by radio
A variable quantity that has direction and magnitude
In linear algebra, an element of a vector space
Any behavioral influence, force, or drive
To alter the direction of an aircraft
A computer graphics primitive
My employer's newsletter
The course of an aircraft
Carrier of a disease


To turn or bend in a different direction, cf. Vector: We vectored the aircraft eastward; We angled the aircraft eastward.
Point of view;light: He saw it from a different angle; he saw it from a different light
The space between two vectors originating from a common intersection
To produce with a particular point of view
To direct, place or present at an angle
An angular recess or projection
To move in or bend into angles
To fish with a hook and line
The measure of this space
To attempt to get

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