Hard Water in KY, TN, Cities in General

Hard Water in KY, TN, Cities in General
Posted by Slack on November 08, 2001 at 15:24:18: Previous Next

Does anyone here have to deal with hard water? I'd like to move to city that I KNOW does not have hard water problems. Thinking of Knoxville, TN or possibly Lexington, KY. Does anyone know? What about other big cities?

What's hard water?
Well, does your hair lather up pretty easy the first time? Or does it fail to even on the second or third try? That might be hard water.
Also, when it finally lathers, it probably tries to tangle up in knots.
The shampoo doesn't clean my hair very well, then it just sticks in my hair!
I have this problem here.

But I went to a relatives in a town just south of Lexington, KY, and washed my hair regular with my own regular shampoo.
MOUNTAINS of lather, first try. I don't remember if it tangled, but I don't remember any real problem.
I washed it there several times, and seemed to get consistently better results than here. I'm guessing they had a higher quality water system there.

I figure larger towns/cities might be able to afford that over rural areas.

Does anyone know about this?

Some tips that might help you deal with hard water:
Use as little hot water as possible. Don't freeze yourself, just use enough to keep the 'bite' out of the water, I guess. I think, and from what I've read, heating hard water amplifies it's bad effects on everything (hair, clothes, water heaters, radiators, etc.).
Also, if your hair does tangle, try using those big tooth 'wet' combs while letting the cool water run over it. This seems to help get that shampoo out of there.

Soft water would be simpler though!


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