Navajo Bun

Navajo Bun
Posted by Medicine Horse on May 16, 2003 at 02:05:15: Previous Next

I'm an old bird, 58. Quit cutting my hair about 9 years ago. Its down to my hind end now. Usually wear it in a pony tail for work - the old hippie look. I'm a therapist doing a lot of drug and alcohol work with probationers and parolees so its not a problem.

I work next to the Navajo Nation up in Page, Arizona. A young Navajo that works with the office cleaning crew has been asking to tie my hair up in a Navajo Bun. Told him sure. Today he showed up with the yarn to do it. Hard to explain, but he looped my pony tail back and forth so it was only about five inches long. Then he wrapped it all with white yarn and tied it off leaving a couple short decorative tails of yarn.

This is a traditional way Navajo men do their hair. I'm Bilagaana (White)and was probably the only white guy in town with a Navajo Bun. Feels great though, a nice change. He offered to show my lady how to do it so I could wear it that way more often....but it has a funny cultural feeling...sort of like the White guy with an Afro deal.

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