Netscape (6x6x6) Color Palette Map

Some have reported problems with this page. If this page does not function properly, you can still access the old version at If you have problems with this page, please e-mail me at with information about your setup. It seems to work fine on Netscape 3.0. This is my first Javascript effort. I will try to debug it. Meanwhile if you are a Javascript guru and can quickly spot the problem, I'd be pleased if you would let me know.
All values represent Red, Green, and Blue respectively
Hex ValueDecimalPercentExample Code

You must be using a browser that supports client side image maps. Furthermore, the browser must support Javascript, and it must be enabled. Move mouse pointer over any color in the palette above to display its value in hexadecimal, decimal, and percantage amounts. Click on a color to freeze the display. This way you can cut/paste. When you wish to continue, press the Reset button.

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