Victor Engel's
No Dither Palette For 16 Color Systems

Pictured here are reduced versions of netcolpc.gif and netcol16.gif. Netcolpc.gif contains the 216 colors most frequently used by Netscape on 8-bit systems. Netcol16.gif is how this image appears on 16 color machines (only tested on DOS/WINDOWS). Use these images side by side to carefully select colors in your 256 color image that are most useful for 16 color users. Suppose you have a picture where there MUST be a color difference between two areas in the picture. You want to choose two different colors in the 216 color palette that also map to distinct colors on the 16 color image. Do this using the following steps: Using these steps, you have just chosen the best colors in the 216 color palette that will also look decent in 16 colors, at least defining the borders that must be visible. The remaining color choices can be made taking into account only the 256 color image.

I will include examples in my next update to this page. This Page Copyright © 1996 Victor S. Engel.

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