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I was born in Victoria, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, located on the tip of Vancouver Island. When I was six, I went with my parents to Guatemala, where I grew up. I lived there until I moved to Texas in 1980. I am currently working as an Advanced Revelation programmer/analyst for Dell Computer Corporation.


I am an amateur photographer, orchid grower and author, artist, and computer nerd.

I have also recently become involved with art cars. My car is called "Let There Be LIGHTS!" car thumbnail

I am a frequent pool player, and invented the game Up and Down.

I am playing around with an interesting graphics program that will eventually turn into a screen saver.

I have dabbled in breeding bluebonnets.

I've invented a new calendar scheme.

This is not exactly a hobby, but I enjoy long hair. I have a page with hair links including several message boards and my own Men's Long Hair Site.

Victor in Spanish Braid

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