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This page will feature one man per issue. In some cases, the page will feature a group of men. I envision several pictures and possibly an interview. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. This issue features Vinny, a current member of the message board.

Here is an interview I conducted with Vinny. I've used a table in order to line up the questions and answers.

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How long have you had long hair? Started to grow it out in 1989.
What inspired you to start growing it long? I always had short hair as long as I could remember. I used to always go to the beauty shop to have a style every month. My hair was kept neat at one inch. Around the beginning of 1989 I decided to let it go. There are many reasons I decided to let it grow. For starters, I wanted to change the way I looked. I like playing music and I thought long hair would fit perfectly. Also, I always wanted long hair but I never would take the time or the effort to do it. Secondly, I am a different type of person, a little off the wall at times, and I wanted this to show. I think that not following the norms of society can be a good thing because you do not blend in and get lost in the crowd. Finally, I believe there is some type of power in having long hair and that we should all let our hair grow, otherwise our hair would not get long. Having long hair is the natural thing to do.
Did your parents encourage you to/discourage you from growing long hair? At first my parents did not care about my hair until it started to get really long. Now all I hear from my mom is that I need a haircut. She thinks it is too much.
How would you characterize the quality of your hair? I have thick curly hair. I got it from my Mothers side of the family. She is Greek and she has wonderful hair. My hair is coarse, but I wish it were smooth. Mostly my hair is healthy, except for the ends, which need to be cut off. When I started to grow my hair out, it grew out so fast that even the hair-stylists where I used to get it cut thought I had put extensions in it.
What is your favorite style? I do not have a favorite style. I love them all. For me, it used to be a waterfall style where I would put the top portion of my hair into a ponytail and let the rest fall over my back. I used to wear this style until my hair got too long to keep it this way. Now my favorite style is a simple braid, and sometimes just letting all of it out pleases me.
What is your favorite comment from other people regarding your hair? Feel free to answer from more than one perspective here if you like. I love your hair. This comment makes me happy.
What is your daily hair ritual, if you have one: how often do you shampoo, what products do you use, and why? I never try to brush my hair when it is dry. This only leads to trouble for me. If I do it winds up as a big frizz. What I do is wash my hair then add lots of conditioner, brush it out very slowly and get out all the tangles. I never use a blow dryer! While it is still damp I braid my hair. This is how I have been taking of my hair for the last couple of years but my daily hair ritual has just changed. I used to do this every few days but I am finding out that this is not enough. I am loosing too much hair. Now I am going to cut off a few inches and start to really take care of it. When my hair was shorter I used to wash it every day. My hair grew so thick even I was surprised. Now I know that it is important to soak your hair with water every day. I lost my ends due to not getting them wet daily. Moisture is important! When it comes to shampoo, I am not too picky. I will use any shampoo that is gentle to my hair and body. Since I have thick hair I need a detangler to get a brush through it. I can never brush my hair when it is dry. The best detangler I can find is Paul Mitchell "The Detangler" and detangler is by far the most important product I use for the care of my hair. Just recently I was suggested a product called Inter Cellular. It is a liquid leave in conditioner that is working wonders on my hair. I even sometimes do not need detangler in my hair to brush it out after using this product. I wish I discovered it sooner. I got it at Sally's Beauty Supply.
Have you had any bad product experiences? The only bad experience I had with products is that sometimes they do not work for me. I can not say I ever had an experience that caused me any long lasting effects. I will never use any products that can cause any long lasting effects.
Have you had any memorable hair experiences? All of my hair experiences are memorable, and I love when people take notice to my hair. It makes me feel good, and the people who notice me feel good too.
What do you do for a living? Does the length of your hair impact this in any way? I own a small business maintaining and managing property and the length of my hair is no problem. If my hair were a problem to a customer, than this is a customer I would rather not have. I found that having long hair is sort of like a screening process in which I can eliminate the people who judge a person by the way he looks, and I do not need to work for people like that. I have too many customers who do not care about my hair and like me the way I am. Once I was offered by a millionaire to start any business I wanted and he would put up all the money. He gave me one stipulation though, cut my hair. I turned him down. Later I found out he bought a hair replacement company kind of like Hair Club for Men. Now I knew why he wanted me to cut my hair, I found out he was bald. I could never tell though, and I still like this person very much.

Below is a sampling of images of Vinny. I've also collected a sampling of Vinny art pictures, hair style pictures, and hair-fun pictures. For even more, go to Vinny's site.

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