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This page will feature one man per issue. In some cases, the page will feature a group of men. I envision several pictures and possibly an interview. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. This issue features Mike, a current member of the message board.

Here is an interview I conducted with Mike. I've used a table in order to line up the questions and answers.

VictorMike --
How long did it take you to get it to its present length? It's taken me 6 years to grow my hair from a normal mans haircut to its current length of just under 3 feet.
How long have you been growing your hair long? Have you always had long hair? I've worn my hair on average, longer than shorter, most of my life.
Do you have any care tips you would like to share? As far as hair care tips are concerned:
  • Be gentle, always handle your hair in the same manner you would a young, fragile, shivering little bunny.
  • Never force tangles out, start at the bottom and work your way up.
  • Always condition your hair and towel dry it as much as you can, using a blow dryer sparingly if at all.
  • Take vitamins and get plenty of rest along with moderate routine exercise.
Do you have any hair problems you have yet to resolve? For example, there is more than one kind of tangle. Is there a kind of tangle that has you frustrated because you can't figure out where they come from or how to get rid of them? The only tangling problem would be a major tangle in the back close to my neck, and that only occurs if I don't carefully brush through my hair (while its wet and coated with conditioner in the shower) each time I wash my hair, otherwise there are none.
What sort of job do you have? Have you found your hair length to be detrimental to your career? I am a gardener, artist and musician, the only time I find the length of my hair detrimental is occasionally when it hangs down in the way of my vision while raking, getting caught on rosebushes or other shrubs while I'm crawling around weeding and it also can get very hot in the summer . ( one time I found a pine cone in my hair hours after gardening) Also, on one occasion, I backed up too close to a large fan and felt my hair being sucked into it, but pulled away in time.
What sort of comments do you get from other people concerning your hair? What is your favorite and least favorite comment? Most comments about my hair are favorable; My favorite was from a guy that said I looked like Mel Gibson in Brave Heart, I didn't see the similarity, but hey, I'll take it and my lease favorite was from a pedestrian who thought I had a large muskrat on my back.
Anything else you'd like to add? I work and give banjo and guitar lessons at a local music store and have an Old-time string band called the "Boney Goat Band" who's first CD came out last year titled, " We've shaved our backs and we're ready to rock" I also love birds and am currently raising some Lady Gouldian finches. I've worked as a woodcarver for a trophy shop in the past and currently I enjoy doing murals in houses and businesses.

Here are a few more pictures of Mike.

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